Sunday Service – How my health problems have changed my life – a guest post from Tish Bauer


How my health problems changed my life?  Let me see.

I can do a lot less these days but then I fully appreciate the things that I still can do. I do go out less, that is true, but when I do I take notice of things more.

I notice when it snows how beautiful the mountains look and then I am grateful that live here where I can enjoy the mountains. True, I don’t go to church quite as often in the winter because I chance catching a cold but when I do go I use my hand sanitizer and enjoy the beauty of the church and seeing the people there.

I don’t visit people as often any more but I thank God for my computer that opened up a whole new world to me. I now can invite people into my living room or pay a visit to a good friend or relative by just the touch of my keyboard.

I can’t do sports but I never really did like doing them anyway, (except horseback riding) hmmmm and swimming, but now I have more time to write in my journal, short stories, and etc.

I have more time to read all those books that I was always too busy to read. It is harder to breathe, that’s true,but then again, I am thankful for each breath I have left and at the end of the day I find I haven’t had enough hours in the day to do all I want (and am still able) to do!

It’s a lot better to think of what we have gained rather than what we have lost!

Love and Hugs,


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