Lung Cancer Screening with CT Scans – should you be having one?

 HealthNews blogs –  Dr. Cary Presant, MD
There have been many reports, beginning in Japan, and then followed up in the United States, which indicate that spiral or multi-detector CT scans can increase the chances that if a lung cancer is to occur in your lungs, it will be only a Stage I cancer, with a cure rate of over 90%, rather than a Stage II, III, or even IV lung cancer with cure rates that are only 60%, 20%, or less than 1%, respectively. Is it important, therefore, for every smoker to have an annual CT scan of the lungs? read Dr. Presant’s article by Clicking Here

I’d really like to hear some more opinions on this one –
does your doctor recomment the CT scan? Does your insurance cover it? Does medicare?

My doctor feels that an annual chest X-ray is the way to go.
CT scans are very expensive and while they do pick up very early cancers – that’s true – they also detect many benign abnormalities that are not and will not become cancer. Investigating these abnormalities can subject the patient to unnecessary procedures and risks.

I’m not sure how I feel…


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