National Respiratory Care Week Honors Respiratory Therapists as They Provide Hands-on Care


National Respiratory Care Week, an annual event that recognizes the work of respiratory therapists and the importance of lung health, is set for October 25-31, 2009. Sponsored by the American Association for Respiratory Care, this year’s theme is Respiratory Care: There When You Need Us and will focus on the fact that respiratory therapists work in a wide variety of places.

“Respiratory therapists provide the hands-on care that helps people recover from a wide range of medical conditions,” said Tim Myers, RRT, 2009 AARC President. “As respiratory therapists, we are committed to delivering the best care for our patients. Whenever breathing is an issue, we are there when you need us.”

Respiratory therapists work in a variety of health care settings, including:

hospitals giving breathing treatments to people with asthma and other respiratory conditions

intensive care units managing ventilators that keep the critically ill alive.

emergency rooms delivering life-saving treatments.

newborn and pediatric units helping kids with conditions ranging from premature birth to cystic fibrosis.

operating rooms working with anesthesiologists to monitor patients’ breathing during surgery.

patients’ homes providing regular check-ups and making sure people have what they need to stay out of the hospital.

sleep laboratories helping to diagnose disorders like sleep apnea.

skilled nursing facilities and pulmonary rehabilitation programs helping older people breathe easier and get more out of life.

doctor’s offices conducting pulmonary function tests and providing patient education.

asthma education programs helping kids and adults alike learn how to cope with the condition.

smoking cessation programs assisting those who want to kick the habit for good.

air transport and ambulance programs rushing to rescue people in need of immediate medical attention.

case management programs helping devise long-term care plans for patients.

The American Association for Respiratory Care, professional membership association of respiratory therapists, focuses primarily on respiratory therapy education and research. Its goals are to ensure that respiratory patients receive safe and effective care from qualified professionals and to benefit respiratory health care providers. The Association continues to advocate, on behalf of pulmonary patients, for appropriate access to respiratory services provided by qualified professionals.
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