There Are Benefits From A Change In Lifestyle At Any Age

food.jpgRichard Rivlin of Cornell University Medical School states that: “Age isn’t a factor when it comes to improving your health and leading a healthier lifestyle. A better diet and exercise program is all that’s needed to live better, even if you’ve had an unhealthy lifestyle in the past.” 

His study placed older people on a low-calorie and low-fat diet that was high in vegetables and fruits, and a regular exercise plan (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, December 2007).  The participants lowered high blood pressure, reduced body fat and increased muscle size.  They had lower cancer rates and less osteoporosis.

Another report from Université de Bourgogne followed men over 70 who spent three hours a week in a moderately intensive combined exercise training for one year (Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, August 2007).  One year later, their oxygen uptake was significantly increased  and their  maximal leg muscle strength improved more than 15 percent.  They could walk 10 percent further in six minutes and seven percent faster for 200 meters,.   This shows that a relatively modest program of exercise will improve endurance, strength and quality of life at any age. 

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