MHealthy suggests people who sit for 60 should move for three

University of Michigan MHealthy Communications

Many of us are sedentary at our work stations for hours at a time. Research suggests that sitting for long periods of time can contribute to higher risk for diabetes, obesity, heart attack and even cancer. If you find yourself sitting at your desk, in a meeting or at home for hours at a time, try this: for every 60 minutes you sit, get moving for at least three minutes.

MHealthy’s Sit For 60/Move For 3 campaign suggests some simple ways to get moving at work:
• Doing stretching exercises at your desk
• Going to the printer/copier/fax more often
• Going to talk with a colleague instead of sending email or calling on the phone
• Moving often during meetings
• Walking/jogging in place or rolling your chair in place

Perhaps the hardest part will be simply remembering to move after 60 minutes of sitting. To help, try using the alarm or timer on your watch or mobile phone, or going to and setting the alarm to go off in 60 minutes.

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