NCPAD’s 14-Week Program to a Healthier You! – free!

Are you in need of motivation, support, new ideas and expert advice in regards to physical activity and healthy eating? Looking for a program that is tailored to your individual needs and interests? NCPAD’s 14-Week Program to a Healthier You! may be the perfect solution to meet these needs and keep you moving forward towards your goals.

This free, personalized, web-based program is designed to help people with mobility limitations, chronic health conditions, and physical disabilities meet their physical activity and nutrition goals over the course of 14 weeks.

The program can help individuals who are just getting started, those who have been working at a healthy lifestyle for years, and everyone in between by providing them with:
New, personalized weekly exercises
Physical activity and nutrition tips
Motivational resources
Weekly recipes
Features to help you track your activity and what you eat
Optional reminders and alerts
Opportunities to connect with other participants
Access to 14-Week expert coaches

For more information and to register for the program, visit



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