Medicare Cuts Will Disproportionately Harm COPD Patients

COPD can be effectively managed through oxygen therapy and sleep therapy to improve outcomes and reduce overall Medicare expenditures. The proper management of COPD in the home is critical to reducing emergency room (ER) visits and hospital readmissions.  Data show long-term use of oxygen therapy measurably reduces readmissions.

Despite all of these facts, the CMS has chosen to deeply reduce Medicare payments for the home oxygen services required to keep COPD patients healthy and out of the hospital and other costly facilities.  OnJanuary 1, CMS began applying the competitive bid rates used in urban areas to rural and other non-competitive bid areas.  This policy is being phased-in over only a 6-month period, taking full effect on July 1 and resulting in a 30-50 percent cut to home respiratory therapy. Additionally, another set of cuts of approximately 18 percent was just applied on July 1.

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One thought on “Medicare Cuts Will Disproportionately Harm COPD Patients

  1. Who would we contact to try to get them to pass the bill for home medical equipment?

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